An advanced media industry This slogan was the niche that we walked on based on the depth of the media industry and the credibility of the news... and the professionalism of coverage.s we shed light on the artistic movement (theater, cinema, television) in Syria, its development and various activities Then we strengthened it with a platform for dialogue and exchange of views between workers in these sectors and the public.

The first Syrian website specialized in creating and building the right professional media material was created. “Bostah site,” which was able to keep up with a large part of the drama that was presented and worked on in Syria before the start of filming during it, and the after-show echoes, with news, commentary, analysis, word and photo, and the video clips that characterized Bostah.

By taking advantage of the (Multi Media) technologies offered by the Internet, and so that what we have presented is a scalable model in keeping pace with the drama industry every year. Diversity has made Bostah site as a market for Syrian drama in all its colors. We have also established cooperation with important groups and companies in the Arab world, including: La vida Production, Carisma T.V, Idea's T.V, I magic, R.B.A And other companies specialized in large media programs, variety, and building decorations... in addition to cooperation with Rotana Group in the field of artistic and cultural programs and media coverage of important events in Syria, in addition to close cooperation with
“ET” in Arabic “ET ” بالعربي

Our Group

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