An institution more than five years old, through which we provided integrated dubbing services in several languages “English, Spanish,

Indian, Turkish and Kurdish...” From the accurate and revised translation of the work by a group of specialists, to the professional preparation

with experienced expertise, to sound recording in our high-tech studios staffed with over 400 talents in audio recording,

then mixing and other technical processes to smoothly launching the work in the highest quality.

The professionalism of the staff and the quality of the final product are the points that have opened wide routes for us with the largest media organizations Local and Arabic,

and our dubbed works have won the satisfaction and praise of institutions and viewers.

This concern for the completeness of the final picture of the work is what distinguished us through years of hard work in the field of audio-visual dubbing.

Approximately 3000 professional working hours. Awan Dubbing Studios has produced more than 50 movies. And dozens of series in Turkish

, Indian, Iranian, and other series, and in international languages such as English, French and Spanish as well. In addition to dubbing animation works and documentaries.

documentaries. The latest expansion of Awan Dubbing Studios was the opening of the dubbing department in Kurdish and Arabic in both directions.

Which was added to the points of distinction that “Awan Dubbing Studios” seeks to complete in the Syrian and Arab artistic production market.

and global as well. We don’t say that we have reached the world by chance, as in our studios, the largest Arabic and international works have been dubbed

and the opposite dubbing that opened the way to globalization.



Because we take into account the accuracy between translation and localization, we established this company as one of the few institutions in the region that includes a qualified and specialized team in the work of subtitling films and scenarios in Arabic and English, accompanied by a strong interest in protecting the work spirit. In addition to providing services that include preparing and translating scripts for films and series, TV commercials and corporate films, and documentaries that we present in an innovative and thoughtful manner. Our texts, after passing through several portals, contain highly professional content, capable of enhancing the position of the institution with customers and influencing the recipient of the final product. Our multi-level professional cadres are able to provide revised and audited translations of texts through several stages bearing the thought of the original author in a new language without diminishing the value of the work. Or lose the essence of the text It is a task that we excel in accomplishing in order to strengthen the name of our company and advance the higher purpose and position of the Awan Group

Our Group

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